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Certificate of Excellence

Code of Practice for the Management of Covid_19 Protocols

Introduction to the Enable ISO Code of Practice

General Overview

A brief look at this Code of Practice and is purpose.

A.1 Applicability of the Code of practice

Introducing the Code of Practice

Looking at the origins of this Code of Practice, its purpose and its application. This clause describes the basic structure of the Code of Practice in three parts - Part 1: Covid_19 Defense; Part 2: Covid_19 Exposure; Part 3: Covid_19 Recovery.

A.2 Preparing a Statement of Compliance

Mandatory Requirements

A review of Clause A.2 of the Code of Practice to look at the requirements for a "Statement of Compliance".

A.3 Certificate of Excellence - Certification Scheme (Part 1)

Enable ISO Covid_19 Certificate of Excellence

A brief look at the mandatory requirements with regard to the application for audit to this Code of Practice.

A.3 Certificate of Excellence - Certification Scheme (Part 2)

The Registration Process

An overview of what happens once Enable ISO receives the application for the Covid_19 Certificate of Excellence. Taking you through the initial certification and registration process, and the subsequent issuing of the certificate.

A.3 Certificate of Excellence - Certification Scheme (Part 3)

The Certification Lifecycle

Looking at the requirement to maintain the Statement of Compliance through regular review, taking a formal approach. Typically, an organization will include this aspect into their Internal Audit Programme (IAP) or equivalent.

A.4 General Recommendations

Preparing for the Certification Audit Process

A close look at the Enable ISO "Statement of Compliance" Workbook. This is the spreadsheet workbook provided by Enable ISO to provide a mechanism for the development and establishment of the Statement of Compliance. In this video clip, we look at how it is used, along with some guidance on applicability.

Part 1: Covid_19 Defense

Analysis of Criteria

Looking at the criteria in this clause to consider how the organization provides for Covid_19 protocols with regard to mitigation, training and awareness, minimizing the spread of Covid_19 where appropriate, and other basic preventive measures. Also considered here are aspects relating to remote working, communication requirements and what to do if a case, or suspect case, is identified.

Part 2: Covid_19 Exposure

Analysis of Criteria

This clause of the Code of Practice is relevant to incident management as a result of a positive diagnosis of Covid_19 exposure. All activities relating to immediate response, preventive measures, deep cleaning, and operational impacts are considered. It is important to note that the requirement for after action reporting is to be met through an internal audit function.

Part 3: Covid_19 Recovery

Analysis of Criteria

Planning for recovery subsequent to Covid_19 exposure s critical to any risk management. This clause provides a framework for returning to work, ensuring that all organizational objectives are considered to the extent necessary for successful operations. Post recovery review and due diligence are both considered.

Step 1

Code of Practice for the Management of
Covid _19 Protocols

Step 2

Certificate of Excellence

(Initial Application)

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Step 3

Statement of Compliance Workbook

Step 4

Certificate of Excellence

(Application for Registration)

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