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Leading Organizations Into A Sustainable Future (Workshop)

A One Day “Hot-house” Event (Out-of-Office) Incorporating 2 Leadership Team Workshops


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Best delivered as an off-site event without interruption, these Leadership Team Workshops are developed to prime top management to incorporate sustainability into the Mission, Vision, Values and Culture of the organization, driving sustained success.

These 2 Leadership Workshops combine to provide for a packed one day "hot-house" event, with the primary objective being to provide the leadership team with an established framework to achieve sustainability, at every level of the organization.

Leadership For Sustained Success: Based on ISO 9004:2018, this workshop provides leadership teams with an overview of this ISO framework for achieving sustained success. How an organization determines its own place in their future market needs to be planned and managed carefully. This workshop also provides the team with the Enable ISO self-assessment tools, so that there is a clear understanding of where an organization is on its own pathway to sustainability.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Popular with Teams at all levels of an organization, this workshop provides for a powerful team-building exercise, particularly when applied to sustainability and achieving sustained success. The Lead Consultant conducts a self-assessment of the organization-wide Dysfunction Factors, based on individual participation. (Responses are collected anonymously)

Includes "The Accountability Question" & Garry Ridge's "The Maniac Pledge" (The WD-40 Company).

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