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Whistleblowing as a Service

Independent Management of Whistleblowing Obligations relevant to the Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022


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All organizations of 250+ in number are required to establish a formal mechanism for the effective management of Whistleblowers

From 17th December 2023, this requirement will apply to organizations of 50+ in number

Enable ISO Framework developed using ISO 37002:2021 & ISO/TS 37008:2023. The Enable ISO Total Management System (TMS) is utilized to manage requirements in close alignment with ISO 37002:2021 & ISO/TS 37008:2023.
Outsourcing this key function to Enable ISO provides for independence, which is a fundamental principle of the Protected Disclosures Act.
Enable ISO will always protect the rights and entitlements of reporting persons under the Protected Disclosures Act.
Top management must accept that they have no entitlement to know the identity of protected persons under the Protected Disclosures Act.

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