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Clause 5 Leadership

5.2 Policy

Clause Criteria

Top management shall establish a policy that:
a) is appropriate to the purpose of the organization;
b) provides a framework for setting objectives;
c) includes a commitment to satisfy meet applicable requirements;
d) includes a commitment to continual improvement of the management system.
The policy shall:
be available as documented information.
be communicated within the organization.
be available to interested parties, as appropriate.


The intent of this clause is to specify the high level organizational commitments required of the MSS, taking into account the organization’s purpose.

It is used to provide a framework for the objectives which the organization sets for itself.
Documentation of the policy is created and controlled in accordance with the requirements of Clause 7.5 Documented information.
The policy is communicated internally in accordance with the requirements of Clause 7.4 Communication.
It also must be made available to other relevant interested parties.

Chief Explainer:

Phil Byrne

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