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Clause 6 Planning

6.3 Planning of changes

Clause Criteria

When the organization determines the need for changes to the quality management system, the changes shall be carried out in a planned manner (see 4.4).
The organization shall consider:
a) the purpose of the changes and their potential consequences;
b) the integrity of the quality management system;
c) the availability of resources;
d) the allocation or reallocation of responsibilities and authorities.


Planning of changes is an important part of maintaining the management system that ensures the organization can achieve the intended results of its management system on an ongoing basis.

As part of managing change, the organization should address planned and unplanned changes to ensure that the unintended consequences of these changes do not have a negative effect on the intended results of the management system.
Examples of change include:
planned changes to products, processes, operations, equipment or facilities;
changes in staff or external providers, including contractors;
changes in requirements.
Reference to 8.1 for controlling planned changes.

Chief Explainer:

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