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Clause 8 Operation

8.5.3 Customer property

Clause Criteria

The organization shall exercise care with property belonging to customers or external providers while it is under the organization’s control or being used by the organization.
The organization shall identify, verify, protect and safeguard customers’ or external providers’ property provided for use or incorporation into the products and services.
When the property of a customer or external provider is lost, damaged or otherwise found to be unsuitable for use, the organization shall report this to the customer or external provider and retain documented information on what has occurred.


This criteria is very specific to customer owned property, where it is being handled through operations, and by extension, through subcontractors where they act on behalf of the organization.

It is important that the organization communicates with its customers with regard to the handling and treatment of their property, while in its care.
Also, contingency planning needs to be considered where there is a potential for "unexpected outcomes"...
An auditor will be seeking evidence that the organization takes a formal approach to the management of customer property, with appropriate consideration for customer and business objectives.

Chief Explainer:

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