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Clause 4 Context of the Organization

4.3 Determining the scope of the management system

Clause Criteria

The organization shall determine the boundaries and applicability of the management system to establish its scope.
When determining this scope, the organization shall consider:
the external and internal issues referred to in 4.1,
the requirements referred to in 4.2,
the products and services of the organization.
The scope shall be available as documented information.


The intent of determining the scope of the management system is to establish the physical and organizational boundaries to which the management system will apply.

The organization can define its boundaries and choose to implement the management system within the entire organization, a specific unit, or particular function(s) within an organization.
An understanding of the contextual issues (4.1) and the needs and expectations of interested parties (4.2) are considerations when establishing the scope of the management system and in determining which requirements the organization will adopt.
Documentation of the scope is created and controlled in accordance with the requirements of Clause 7.5 Documented information.

Chief Explainer:

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