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ISO Workshops

Management Team Workshops Specific to Key Management Systems Functions

ISO Standards TMS Workshops

The Enable ISO Total Management System (TMS)

The Enable ISO Total Management System (TMS) is fully developed to respond to the requirements of multiple ISO Standards.

This series of 12 weekly workshops is ideally suited to organizations who are starting out on their ISO Certification journey.

Template TMS documentation is provided for all applicable ISO Standards.

Internal Audit Programme Workshop

Auditing to the Standards, Process & Systems Requirements

Looking at how to document operational and support processes to best facilitate the internal audit functions of the organization.

This workshop provides your organization with an effective framework for an Internal Audit Programme, with template audit tools, sample documents, etc.

Risk Management Workshop

Relevant to all ISO Management Systems Standards

Based on ISO 31000 Risk management - Guidelines, we  deliver a 1 Day Risk Management Workshop for key personnel, using this International "best practice" Standard as a framework.

Supply Chain Security Workshop

A formal approach to managing critical supply chain relationships

We have developed this workshop using the ISO 28001 suite of Standards to develop a straightforward approach to managing risks arising as a result of  the relationships with their International Trading Partners.

This is an ideal add-on to the Management Systems Gap Analysis service, particularly where the organization is subject to Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification.

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