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ISO Workshops For Leadership Teams

Our ISO Workshops are developed to engage leadership teams on critical components of all ISO Standards, to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the relevant requirements.

ISO Workshops are delivered by our experienced IRCA qualified ISO Lead Auditors, ensuring that the auditors perspective is always maintained.

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Maximise The Benefits Of ISO Certification

ISO Workshops

For an organisation to be always audit ready, it is important that key components of its management system are maintained to good effect.


ISO Workshops include:

  • Risk Management

  • Internal Audit Programme (IAP)

  • Supply Chain Security

  • Management Review

Our ISO Workshops vary in length, and are typically delivered in person at the customer location.

Leadership & Commitment

Our ISO Workshops rely on the participation of all members of the leadership team to ensure that we can maximise the benefits to our engagement.

A key objective of each ISO Workshop is to establish clarity of understanding of the responsibilities and authorities associated with the roles required for the effective management of the organisation.

Prioritise Purpose Over Metrics

It can be said that the most important team is the one you're a member of, not the one you manage.

From the perspective of any ISO Auditor, the expectation is that when an organisation presents for certification audit, that it is able to demonstrate that it evaluates performance relevant to its Purpose and Strategic Direction.

Our ISO Workshops provide an opportunity to establish clarity of understanding with consideration for the organisation's Mission, Vision, Values and Culture

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