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Leadership For Sustained Success Workshop

The sustained success of an organisation is the primary objective for all leadership teams. Based on ISO 9004 Guidance to achieve sustained success, this workshop takes the leadership team through an assessment of organisation-wide sustainability management to identify initiatives and objectives to ensure organisational sustainability into the future.

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Leading Organisations Into A Sustainable Future

Sustainability Self-assessment

Enable ISO has developed its Sustainability Mindset Self-assessment Maturity Model based on the mechanism set out in ISO 9004.

The leadership team is  taken through this self-assessment as the workshop progresses, producing a measure of the maturity of the organisation relevant to sustainability.

Sustainability Leadership

This workshop will create an opportunity for the leadership to evaluate their own disposition with regard to effective sustainability management.

The organisation will benefit by arriving at a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities relevant to sustainability across the leadership team.

Sustainability Objectives

By assessing the level of sustainability management across all functions of the organisation, this workshop will help to identify initiatives and objectives to drive sustained success.

In particular, objectives relevant to risk management, supply chain security, compliance and sustainable relationships are important aspects for consideration.

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