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Clause 8 Operation

8.5.5 Post-delivery activities

Clause Criteria

The organization shall meet requirements for post-delivery activities associated with the products and services.
In determining the extent of post-delivery activities that are required, the organization shall consider:
a) statutory and regulatory requirements;
b) the potential undesired consequences associated with its products and services;
c) the nature, use and intended lifetime of its products and services;
d) customer requirements;
e) customer feedback.


This criteria requires the organization to provide for the effective management of its post delivery activities and processes, with due consideration for the aspects documented in points a) to e), above.

It is important that regulatory requirements are met effectively. Industry regulation and other contractual arrangements can inform this aspect, with specific after-sales and post-delivery activities necessary to meet requirements.
Post-delivery activities can include;
actions to support warranty provisions,
contractual obligations such as maintenance services,
services including recycling or disposal.

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