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Clause 7 Support

7.1 Resources

The intent of the clause on Resources is to anticipate, determine and allocate the resources needed for creating and implementing the management system (including its operations and controls), as well as those needed for its ongoing maintenance and improvement.

7.2 Competence

The text is self-explanatory when read in conjunction with the definition of competence (Clause 3.10).

7.3 Awareness

The intent of the clause is self-explanatory. An organization is expected to present evidence of its own methodology for making relevant interested parties aware of management systems policies and controls.

7.4 Communication

The intent of the clause is self-explanatory. Annex SL requires communication on the following:

7.5 Documented Information

The intent of this clause is to provide a description of the types of information that must be created, controlled, and maintained in a management system.

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